Recently deep learning has entered the creative space and sparked surprise by producing music and impressionist style paintings. Until now, technology was often used to support humans in their artistry, soon however we will see more and more songs, paintings and performances entirely created by machines. Online advertising provides an ideal environment for AI-based systems to enter the creative space, as the success of the creative work can be quantified through engagement.

Creation Automation

The long term vision of this Merantix project is to fully automate the creative generation while improving conversion for marketers. Our model, developed in collaboration with Rocket Internet, analyzes designed creatives and predicts their performance by detecting recurring patterns in image data. We envision that this model will help us to automatically generate creatives in the future.

Key figures

Impact of creative on performance
Estimations say that around 30% of the performance of an advertisement depends on the creative.
Number of creatives
1 M
We train our models on more than 1 M creatives to really understand what makes a creative stand out.

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