The financial services industry has a long history of taking advantage of new technologies, and deep learning is no exception. Today’s financial institutions use artificial intelligence to improve prediction models, analyze cash demands and trading. Merantix provides cutting edge technology to support our venture partners in their effort to stay ahead of the curve.

High Frequency Trading

Merantix built an AI-based system capable of predicting currency exchange rates at market relevant speeds. Our deep neural networks recognize complex market movements way ahead of traditional methods. Through our partnership with an experienced HFT trading firm, we are able to deploy our models on the latest infrastructure, making sure that we can compete at the forefront of high frequency trading. We see the HFT arena as a great playground to test state-of-the-art deep learning research, as HFT is all about squeezing the last bit of performance out of prediction models.

Credit Scoring

In partnership with Intrum, Europe’s leading credit and collection agency, Merantix developed technology to significantly improve the distinction between good and bad payers. In comparison to current scoring methods, our deep learning algorithm was able to reduce the amount of rejected purchases by 20%-30% while the general risk of default remained unchanged. This may ultimately not only reduce the default rate and thus cost, but could also increase the number of positive decisions and thereby lead to additional revenue.

Key figures

30 %
We were able to reduce the amount of rejected purchases by 30%, while the general risk of default remained the same.
Data points considered per day
2 M
Our model evaluates more than 2 M times a day to find the optimal trading moment.

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