As more data about genetic preconditions, biological markers and lifestyle factors are created and linked to electronic health records, a new era of healthcare is on the horizon. Deep learning will be a driving technology pioneering new models in health and life sciences. Moreover, DL increases the accuracy and quality of diagnoses and clinical treatments in various areas and has the potential to drive precision medicine, as it is capable of handling vast amounts of data gathered from mobile devices, genomics, and medical health records.

Medical Imaging

Merantix is building an AI-backed service that performs automatic diagnoses of radiology images. To train our deep learning system, we extract gold standard labels from given natural language text reports. This is an ongoing task and is being repeated for different use cases (X-ray, CT, MRT, etc.) and can be applied for imagery of varying body parts. Our system improves efficiency and allows doctors to spend more time with their patients by automating and streamlining the labelling process.

Alzheimer's Early Screening

What if you could detect Alzheimer’s up to 6 years prior to its onset, using only an iPhone?

We helped ETH spin-off company Altoida develop and productize a methodology that is based on 8 years of longitudinal clinical studies with more than 2700 Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) patients. After taking a 10-minute test on our iPhone app, Altoida is able to to tell you if you will develop AD within 6 years with an accuracy of 94%.

Patient Data

Merantix provides an efficient and automated approach to the analysis of large amounts of patient data. Using blood test data, urine samples and other accessible medical records our machine learning engine is able to support physicians in the detection, treatment and surveillance of a variety of conditions.

Key figures

94 %
Altoida's technology can diagnose Alzheimer’s disease up to 6 years prior to onset with 94% accuracy.
Medical Lab Tests
200 M
We work with a data set of more than 200 M medical lab tests.
98 %
We can automatically structure medical reports with more than 98% accuracy.

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