Artificial intelligence in healthcare has enormous potential. Deep learning technology will revolutionize every single part of today’s healthcare industry, it is just a matter of time and we are a driving force behind that. AI-powered applications, such as diagnostic automation, gene sequencing, treatment predictions, and drug development will lead to a drastic increase in the quality, efficiency, and accessibility of all healthcare. We think AI application is not aimed to fully replace human medical experts, but rather to enhance their capabilities and efficiency by automating those activities, that are homogenous and sensitive to errors. In that sense, physicians and nurses can be more effective in their actual job and to focus solely on patient’s wellbeing.

Medical Imaging

While the shortage of radiological experts is becoming more and more severe the global examination volume is rising constantly by 5% annually. Apart from the clear imbalance, the human factor in radiology causes substantial error rates, that can be significantly reduced with the application of automated systems. Especially, deep learning has proven it’s enormous potential when applied to radiological examinations due to the repetitive and visually accurate nature of the job.

Merantix is building AI-driven radiological services that perform automated and assisted diagnoses on radiological images. To develop our service, we have built a strong network of renown research and clinical institutions all over Europe. Ensuring highest quality standards we only work with biopsy-proven images, corresponding medical reports, and high-quality annotations. Our breast cancer detection algorithm is already on par with the human benchmark. We are continuously improving the performance of our breast cancer detection algorithm while developing further use cases. Our mission is to dramatically improve diagnostic quality, efficiency, and accessibility.

Key figures

Development & Data partnerships per application
We work with more than 10 leading medical institutions and organizations per application.
Automation of medical report structuring
We can automatically structure medical reports with more than 98% accuracy.

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