Lagging ahead: AI made in Europe

September 20, 2022
In our latest blog series, we want to highlight how 'AI made in Europe' is actually a lot stronger than often perceived.

We all know the cliché of how building Artificial Intelligence in the EU is a cumbersome and tedious process. Governmental regulations, privacy concerns as well as a general suspicion of this groundbreaking technology make the EU not the first address that comes to mind when thinking of it. 

And it is true: We are facing a lot of challenges that we would not be facing on other continents. But what is even more true - and often overlooked - is that we have an ‘AI Community’ here that is pushing the limits of what is possible here on all fronts: From associations pushing toward governmental evolution, corporates transforming their businesses and startups building new cutting edge solutions. And we don’t talk about that enough.

Unleashing AI in Europe is a goal very personal to me, so I am super happy to announce this new blog series we are currently working on here: “AI Made in Europe”, where we want to highlight all the incredible efforts as well as some unexpected benefits of building AI here in Europe. We will cover important initiatives like the LEAM project, highlight companies and ventures and explore the USP’s that we have here.

This is an open project, so if you have some great highlights we should know about, please reach out to Eduard Hübner, so we can make sure it doesn’t go unseen.

This blogpost will be updated with links to all articles of the series once they are published.

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