We provide highly efficient radiology services by augmenting human experts with deep learning technology

Merantix is building AI-driven radiological services that perform automated and assisted diagnoses on radiological images. To develop our service, we have built a strong network of renown research and clinical institutions all over Europe. To ensure the highest quality standards we only work with biopsy-proven images, corresponding medical reports, and high-quality annotations. Our breast cancer detection algorithm is already on par with the human benchmark.


Deep learning can automatically read and report normal studies such that highly specialist radiologists can focus on complex reading tasks.


Radiologists are the ones who suffer from increasing workloads. Deep learning can prevent them from making mistakes by providing a cheap second look.


Most countries dramatically lack expert radiologists. Deep learning is the driving force behind empowering local medical specialists to provide high quality radiology everywhere at anytime.

Our Breast Cancer Solution


Especially in breast cancer screening, 97% of all exams are normal. Deep learning can learn to automatically distinguish suspicious from normal studies and provide structured reports for normal exams without human interaction.


Our system filters and forwards complex cases to sub-specialist human experts. To reduce interpretation ambiguity, we help radiologists by providing risk based decision support.


We believe AI technology combined with human expertise are the winning combination. That's why we build web-based viewing systems specifically built for the purpose of human-machine interaction.


We build infrastructure technology that exposes our algorithms to real feedback loops in clinical routine, based on biopsy labels and intertemporal analysis of longitudinal data.

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Core Team

  • Jonas Muff
    Jonas Muff CEO MX Healthcare

    Jonas is Head of Business Development at Merantix. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of St. Gallen (HSG). During his studies he was CEO of the START Summit, a student-led entrepreneurship conference with over 1000 participants. Jonas is also the initiator of the START Fund (part of HSG Foundation).

  • Christian Leibig, Ph.D.
    Christian Leibig, Ph.D. Machine Intelligence Engineer

    Christian is a Machine Intelligence Engineer at Merantix. After his diploma in Physics at the University of Konstanz, he obtained a PhD from the International Max Planck Research School for Neural Information Processing. Before joining Merantix, Christian worked in physics, neural information processing and machine learning, both for academia and industry.

  • Moritz Brehmer, MD
    Moritz Brehmer, MD Medical Specialist

    Moritz graduated as a Medical Doctor from the private University Witten/Herdecke. He did his specialist training in Radiology at the University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf (UKE) directly followed by a sub specialisation in Neuroradiology at the University Hospital Luebeck (UKSH). His scientific interest encompasses new diagnostic imaging techniques, MRI iron overload measurements and interventional neuroradiology. At Merantix he leads the medical team developing new use cases for deep learning in diagnostic imaging.

Careers at Merantix

Engaging Topics

Merantix encourages you to pursue your curiosity and passion for several diverse topics. We are dedicated to addressing machine-learning problems that are challenging and foundational to an entire industry. We believe that diversity across topics is essential to attracting and retaining the greatest talent and to promoting creativity, continuous improvement, and functional learning.

Professional Development

Merantix is proactive in making major contributions to the open-source community. We encourage all of our employees to regularly attend professional conferences. Merantix is a regular guest at notable academic conferences on machine learning such as NIPS, ICCV, ICLR and ECCV. At the ECCV event this September, we will host an Italian Night with great food where you will be able to get in touch with all of us.

Work-Life Balance

Merantix offers a dynamic and flexible work environment. Some of us come in during “regular” business hours, and some prefer to start later or earlier. Our employees have the freedom to work when it best suits them. We are a fully trust-based organization that does not track vacation time. We believe in ownership of work, personal responsibility, and the motivation of our people, which has proven to be a successful approach to leadership


Collaborative Culture

Merantix is a family of diverse people from all over the world that came to Berlin to work on machine learning. We truly care about the individual well-being of our employees and support all of our new employees who are joining us in Berlin with whatever they may need. We have regular offsites and encourage everyone to organize common activities; just join the “all-sports” slack channel and stay up-to-date on bouldering, swimming, running, and much more.

Our experience

We are looking for Machine Intelligence Engineers, Software & Data Engineers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to join our team