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Working at Merantix

At Merantix you have the opportunity to work on engaging topics and make a real impact in the world. Our collaborative culture is focused on continuous learning and allows our employees to constantly develop new skills and expertise. The Merantix team is made up of entrepreneurs, engineers, and business minds from premier universities around the world. Many of us have PhDs and work experience at top tech companies. We are based in Europe’s startup capital, Berlin, and are growing quickly!

Various Roads Lead To Merantix


Nicole Büttner

Merantix Labs

To me, technology is merely a tool whose true value is unleashed when it addresses real-life topics. What truly motivates me is developing impactful solutions for people and businesses with cutting-edge machine learning techniques. That’s at the core of what we do at Merantix Labs

I have always enjoyed translating between quantitative and technological as well as business aspects. I studied economics and econometrics at the University of St. Gallen, Stockholm School of Economics and Stanford. After starting my professional career as a portfolio manager at a large asset management firm in France, I worked for one of the largest auction-consulting and tech companies, advising governments as well as Fortune 500 companies globally. Fascinated by machine learning and algorithms, I went on to found two companies in the field of machine learning before joining Merantix as the CEO of Merantix Labs in August 2019.

To me, Merantix is the ideal environment bringing together deep tech passion and entrepreneurship. It’s a pleasure working in a passionate team of business talents and top of the field engineers pushing each other to the best results and having fun on the way there.


Christian Leibig, Ph.D.

Machine Intelligence Engineer

Before joining Merantix, I studied, researched and worked in physics, neural information processing and machine learning, both for academia and industry. The aesthetics of physics lies in often creative ways of simplifying complex problems and neural information processing systems provide a wealth of complex problems to tackle.

I heard about Merantix through a former colleague of mine and initially contacted Merantix out of pure curiosity and for potential collaborations for my own projects. When I met these highly skilled people working closely together on a diverse array of topics, I changed my original plans and decided to join them. For me, it was about the right mix of professional software engineering and state-of-the-art deep learning applied to real-world problems. People are very energetic, they come from many different countries and therefore provide a great cultural mix. Both within Merantix and Berlin there are great people to meet and hang out with. I think this diversity is particularly important for technology-oriented ventures.


Charis Christofi

Entrepreneur in Residence
Venture Studio

My early passion for applied science led me to pick mechanical engineering for my undergraduate degree and masters at the University of Cambridge. While studying abroad at MIT, I discovered the more practical approach of US institutions to translating leading thought to real-world application; this realization led me to pursue a first role in strategy consulting with Oliver Wyman's London office, where I advised C-level executives across industries, doing substantial work in European financial institutions post-crisis. I returned to Boston to pursue an MBA at Harvard Business School, where I thought long and hard about how to best combine my commercial interests with my fundamental analytical training in a high impact role. At the same time, I was active in bridging the gap across the pond and between the worlds of policy, business and academia by co-chairing the European Conference at Harvard. It became clear to me that machine learning is the next generation-defining general purpose technology, and that it has the potential to drive immense value by automating and expanding the prediction component of numerous value chains. After researching the European AI scene and meeting the Merantix team during a visit to Berlin, I stayed in close contact with the founders and decided to join their vision to launch transformative AI companies.

Being able to create, pressure test and refine ideas within a rigorous (but fun!) environment of high-caliber peers, while at the same time enjoying access to top technical minds and external advisors, has proven invaluable in the early stages of my journey. I am excited to see what this dynamic mix of talent and resources will give rise to.


Mark Pfeiffer, Ph.D.


As far as I can remember I have been fascinated by autonomous and intelligent systems. I studied mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich and conducted a research stay in Berkeley on the topic of automated driving. During my Ph.D. in robotics back at ETH, I focussed on intelligent robot navigation through dynamic real-world environments. As robots need to learn about human interactions and autonomously explore unseen scenarios I got in touch with various machine learning methods.

I always felt a strong desire to not only operate at the forefront of technology but also use it in order to solve real-world problems. I heard about Merantix through a personal connection and after my first visit to the office, I was convinced that I wanted to join this team of very intelligent and also sociable people. Moving away from Zurich was a hard decision but it was totally worth it! Merantix offers a diverse mix of people of different backgrounds with whom I really enjoy to work with and who facilitate a great and inspiring work atmosphere.

I joined Merantix as a Machine Intelligence Engineer and am now leading the automotive venture, SiaSearch, as its CTO. I'm proud to be a part of this team and to build useful intelligent products together. Apart from that, I'm always happy to join a lunch run!


Polina Frantseva

HR Operations
Venture Studio

Since the interaction and communication with people has always been my passion and strength, I was deeply convinced to put these skills to use and develop them further in my professional life. Hence, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in International Business with a specialization in Human Resources and did my Masters in Human Resource Management at the International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef - Bonn (IUBH).

Before joining Merantix, I have worked at a large international e-commerce company for a couple of years and gathered valuable experience at one of the largest micro-mobility start-ups in Berlin. I felt connected to the Merantix team from the very beginning and truly aligned with the vision and values of the company and its leadership. Merantix’s team consists of incredibly smart, well educated and humble people with great personalities. I strongly believe that people are the most valuable asset of any company, and in order to be successful, you need to hire the right people, onboard them in best way, develop and retain them. Therefore, I am proud to be responsible for HR Operations, supporting the whole employee life cycle at Merantix.

Meet Our People

  • Charlotte Dryander
    Charlotte Dryander Project Manager
  • Maximilian Brandstätter
    Maximilian Brandstätter Product
  • Timophey Molchanov
    Timophey Molchanov Software Engineer
  • Adrian Locher
    Adrian Locher Founder
  • Anna Tyrkich
    Anna Tyrkich Product Design
  • Sören Hornof
    Sören Hornof Regulatory Affairs
  • Daniel Barreto
    Daniel Barreto Software Engineer
  • Uriel Eldan
    Uriel Eldan Business Development
  • Prof. Luc van Gool
    Prof. Luc van Gool Founding Advisor
  • Sven Piechottka
    Sven Piechottka Government and Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Radu Timofte, Ph.D.
    Radu Timofte, Ph.D. Founding Advisor
  • Benjamin Strauch
    Benjamin Strauch Software Engineer
  • Nicole Büttner
    Nicole Büttner CEO Merantix Labs
  • Mitchell Duffy, Ph.D.
    Mitchell Duffy, Ph.D. Entrepreneur-in-Residence
  • Dipti Ganeriwala
    Dipti Ganeriwala Product Design
  • Anja Richter
    Anja Richter Team Assistant
  • Mark Pfeiffer, Ph.D.
    Mark Pfeiffer, Ph.D. CTO SiaSearch
  • Thomas Wollmann
    Thomas Wollmann Machine Intelligence Engineer
  • Rasmus Rothe, Ph.D.
    Rasmus Rothe, Ph.D. Founder
  • Raphael Stuecheli
    Raphael Stuecheli Marketing Manager
  • Fridtjof Storde
    Fridtjof Storde Business Development
  • Sona Chandra
    Sona Chandra Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Vincent Schorp
    Vincent Schorp Software Engineer
  • Evghenii Kondratenko
    Evghenii Kondratenko Frontend Engineer
  • Stefan Bunk
    Stefan Bunk CTO Vara
  • Maximilian Hasler
    Maximilian Hasler Finance & Operations Manager
  • Florian Wirth
    Florian Wirth Business Development
  • Adem Frenk
    Adem Frenk Machine Intelligence Engineer
  • Finn Grotheer
    Finn Grotheer Business Development
  • Gunnar Atli Thoroddsen
    Gunnar Atli Thoroddsen Software Engineer
  • Adrian Loy
    Adrian Loy Machine Intelligence Engineer
  • Fadwa Ouardani
    Fadwa Ouardani Business Development
  • Dominik Schüler
    Dominik Schüler Data Engineer
  • Ruben Von Krannichfeldt
    Ruben Von Krannichfeldt Business Development
  • Deepthi Sreenivasaiah
    Deepthi Sreenivasaiah Machine Intelligence Engineer
  • Marc Jopson
    Marc Jopson Software Engineer
  • Clemens Viernickel
    Clemens Viernickel CEO SiaSearch
  • Robert Hite
    Robert Hite Business Development
  • Moritz Brehmer, MD
    Moritz Brehmer, MD Medical Specialist
  • Sebastian Gerres
    Sebastian Gerres Project Manager
  • Azrea Amis
    Azrea Amis Software Engineer
  • Philipp Dollwetzel
    Philipp Dollwetzel Project Manager
  • Charis Christofi
    Charis Christofi Entrepreneur-in-Residence
  • Polina Frantseva
    Polina Frantseva HR Manager
  • Jean Lucas Ferreira
    Jean Lucas Ferreira Software Engineer
  • Janette Wiget
    Janette Wiget Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Johana Sperlova
    Johana Sperlova Business Development
  • Michael Tjioeputra
    Michael Tjioeputra Team Assistant and Office Manager
  • Maximilian Schmierer
    Maximilian Schmierer Business Development
  • Jan-Philipp Wittmann
    Jan-Philipp Wittmann Business Development
  • Zacharias Fisches
    Zacharias Fisches Machine Intelligence Engineer
  • Róbert Torfason
    Róbert Torfason Machine Intelligence Engineer
  • Christian Leibig, Ph.D.
    Christian Leibig, Ph.D. Machine Intelligence Engineer
  • Stefan Dörfelt
    Stefan Dörfelt Entrepreneur-in-Residence
  • Narendra Joshi
    Narendra Joshi Software Engineer
  • Jonas Muff
    Jonas Muff CEO Vara
  • Fabio Grätz
    Fabio Grätz Machine Intelligence Engineer
  • Armaghan Khan
    Armaghan Khan Product
  • John McSpedon
    John McSpedon Machine Intelligence Engineer
  • Tania Prudnikova
    Tania Prudnikova Machine Intelligence Engineer
  • Patrick Schnyder
    Patrick Schnyder Business Development
  • Tomas van der Heijden
    Tomas van der Heijden Entrepreneur in Residence

From here into our office

All In Berlin

Careers at Merantix


We invite our team members to pursue their curiosity for a wide range of topics. Only with dedication and commitment can we create machine learning solutions that are capable of transforming entire industries.


We believe that we can only deliver outstanding results if we trust each other’s capabilities and drive. At Merantix, people take on ownership and responsibility for their projects and receive recognition for their hard work.


We are a significant contributor to the open-source community because we believe that knowledge is most impactful when shared. To strengthen the nexus between research and business, our team members regularly attend academic and industry conferences.


In everything we do, we strive for outstanding quality and visionary ideas. We push each other to get the best out of every one of us and invest in personal development.

We are looking for machine intelligence engineers, entrepreneurs, business minds, software & data engineers as well as industry experts to join our team.