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Employ the full breadth of our Merantix Investment Platform to build your next category leading AI venture.

We offer €1M in idea-stage funding and an attractive equity arrangement for experienced founders looking to bring AI to life.

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We partner with deeply determined founders or leaders and bring them even further by immersing them in our Merantix platform. This means, from the moment you start ideating with us, you start with the backing of state of the art tech, the largest community of AI researchers and engineers, a deep-tech focussed investor circle and more. See what this can enable in five key stages of your journey:

Co-Founder & Team



We are the leading employer for AI in Europe, attracting both junior and senior as well as generalist and specialist talent from all over the world and thus enabling you to assemble a strong team from day one.

  • On average, our ventures see 50+ applicants per engineering hire
  • We ensure that you can assemble diverse teams from around the world
  • Our hiring processes include cross-interviewing with experts and onsite days to help you qualify candidates
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We believe that even the greatest ideas require a very strong initial go to market. This is why we push you in getting a commercial signal from the market fast and provide sparring in validating your product and technical angle.

  • We connect you with external experts, potential customers and open doors to win the first pilot projects
  • Get sparring from our engineering team to validate your venture case from a technical perspective
  • Our validation process challenges you to answer the right questions at the right time




Setting you up for a strong scaling phase, we will invest in the pre-seed and seed rounds of your venture - and connect you with influential other investors.

  • Pre-Seed and Seed round investments by Merantix
  • Use our network to approach the right investors for your deeptech venture
  • Fundraising prep and coaching through us and external experts




Your Founder's Journey starts at Merantix, and our community will follow you far beyond that.

  • Exchange with our founder community to navigate hard times, build resilience, and develop leadership skills
  • Receive mentoring and invest in your personal growth during our bi-annual Founders Retreats
  • Establish your personal network and enter Berlin’s leading network of visionary entrepreneurs.
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At the core of our principles lies collaboration. We believe that by sharing and collaborating, we can unlock the real potential of AI.

  • Open research agreements between our ventures - meaning we share code, contracts, and know-how
  • Access our proprietary tech stack for rapid prototyping and co-work with any experts in our network
  • Engage on our AI Campus Berlin for inspiration, co-creation, talent acquisition, and more
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Shape the Age of AI with us

We partner with just a select group of founders, allowing us to offer a deal that currently stands without competition here in Europe and in the field of AI.  

If you are one of the stand-out shapers, who bring a strong understanding or passion for your industry as well as an enthusiastic drive for entrepreneurship, then reach out to our Head of Founder Hiring, Sorin Petrov.

Sorin Petrov
Head of Founder Hiring

We've got your back

We are ready to partner with the leading minds of tomorrow and empower the bold to build the category leading venture of tomorrow.

Adrian Locher

Adrian is a serial entrepreneur and investor for the past 20 years, founding more than 10 companies both in Europe and the US, in digital healthcare, e-commerce, and AI.

Janette Wiget

Janette is a leading voice for deep tech investments in the DACH region, while also leading the efforts of the Merantix venture fund and building up one of Europe's most vibrant AI communities with the AI Campus Berlin.

Nicole Büttner
CEO Merantix Momentum

Ranked 50th most influential women in Tech, Nicole is the Founder of Germany’s first AI solutions provider, Merantix Momentum. She is a leading female tech personality in Europe and advises the World Economic Forum on tech-related matters.

Rasmus Rothe, Ph.D.

Rasmus has published over 15 academic papers with more than 2000 citations on deep learning while attending Oxford, Princeton, and ETH Zurich, where he received his Ph.D., and launched a face recognition service with 150m+ users.


We are cultivating the largest academic and entrepreneurial platform around AI in Europe, be it with our own members, our solutions provider Merantix Momentum, our Merantix AI Campus, or in cooperation with the German AI Association.

All of this comes together in concert during your founder's journey with us, where we pair you up with the leading minds of today.

Experience Sharing & Mentors

Florian Heinemann

Co-Founder & General Manager,
Project A

Katharina Wilhelm

Index Venture

Julian Teicke


Stephen Thorne

Investment Director
Sofbank Investment Advisors

Julia Reinhardt

Privacy Professional (CIPP/E)
Stiftung Mercator

Mathis Büchi


Anaïs Bock

Let's Work Magic

Alex Bangash

Co-Founder & Managing Director
Transpose Platform

Julian Teicke


Ayush Jain

Investment Principal,
Greyhound Capital

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