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About Us

We conceptualize, build and scale machine learning companies. Through our unique incubation platform, our teams of entrepreneurs and engineers transfer world-leading research into scaled industry products and applications.



Merantix Healthcare

Merantix Healthcare is building machine learning-based web solutions that perform automated diagnoses on radiological images. Our breast cancer product detects and separates unsuspicious mammograms at very high confidence.


Merantix Automotive

Merantix Automotive is building machine learning-powered systems to automatically identify and tag the most relevant scenes in petabytes of raw driving data. Our intelligent filters help developers to access the data they need without manual effort.


Merantix Labs

Merantix Labs develops and integrates machine-learning software solutions for clients. We have the expertise and the execution power needed to integrate AI solutions into your business in order to fuel innovation in your products and services.


Coming soon..

We are continuously working on the most transformative ideas throughout a variety of industries. The next companies are already under way—plenty in ideation, some already being incubated. Visit us again to keep updated.



  • Rasmus Rothe, Ph.D.
    Rasmus Rothe, Ph.D. Founder

    Rasmus published 15- papers on deep learning while attending Oxford, Princeton and ETH Zurich, where he received his Ph.D. in computer vision and deep learning. Before founding Merantix, Rasmus worked for BCG, Google, and built a deep learning service with +150m users. He is a founding board member of the German AI Association. 

  • Adrian Locher
    Adrian Locher Founder

    Adrian has been a serial entrepreneur and investor for more than 20 years. He holds a degree in business  and economics from the University of St. Gallen. Over the years, he has founded more than 10 companies in various industries and markets. His last exit was at a $100M revenue e-commerce company with a 200 people team.

  • Prof. Luc van Gool
    Prof. Luc van Gool Founding Advisor

    Prof. Luc Van Gool is a computer vision professor at ETH Zurich & KU Leuven. He is a leading researcher in the field of computer vision. Prof. Van Gool is ranked top 10 globally by citations for computer vision and top 20 for machine learning. He is also a board member of top-tier journals and conferences.

  • Radu Timofte, Ph.D.
    Radu Timofte, Ph.D. Founding Advisor

    Radu is group leader and lecturer at ETH Zurich. His research is at the confluence of machine perception and AI. His seminal works have large impact in industries such as mobile, automotive, and media. Radu serves as reviewer and chair for top-tier journals and conferences.

Careers at Merantix

We encourage passion

We invite our team members to pursue their curiosity for a wide range of topics. Only with dedication and commitment can we create machine learning solutions that are capable of transforming entire industries.

We build on trust

We believe that we can only deliver outstanding results if we trust each other’s capabilities and drive. At Merantix, people take on ownership and responsibility for their projects and receive recognition for their hard work.

We are part of a community

We are a significant contributor to the open-source community because we believe that knowledge is most impactful when shared. To strengthen the nexus between research and business, our team members regularly attend academic and industry conferences.

We expect excellence

In everything we do, we strive for outstanding quality and visionary ideas. We push each other to get the best out of every one of us and invest in personal development.

We are looking for machine intelligence engineers, entrepreneurs, business minds, software & data engineers as well as industry experts to join our team.