We are the world's first artificial intelligence platform dedicated to researching, building and investing in AI companies.

We are located in Berlin Mitte, and our team consists of more than 170 members from over 30 nationalities. Our platform expands far beyond that. Our growing platform constitutes a unique brand with a shared tech and operational infrastructure that attracts top talent, resonates with industry partners, and leverages our proven network and product-building experience.

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Our AI investment hypothesis'

1. Focus on the application layer

Unlocking exponential value with AI-driven application layer companies, where targeted and defensible solutions meet diverse market demands for scalable, high-impact investments.

2. Ideal use cases for AI augmentation

Assessing the potential of AI use cases hinges on their size, standardisability, defensibility, and the ability to effectively capture the value they generate.

3. Business model is the key to win

Selecting a high-touch or low-touch business models to strategically navigate market dynamics, customer preferences, and scalability, fuelling innovation and profitability for long-term success.

4. Information synthesis

Capitalising on AI's second wave: transforming data overload into actionable insights through innovative knowledge discovery platforms and information synthesis.

5. Vertically focused AI-enabled decision support systems

Empowering decision-makers with vertically focused, AI-enabled support systems that harness deep domain expertise for industry-specific insights.

6. Hyper personalisation

Unleashing AI's power to enable scalable hyper-personalisation, democratising access to impactful tools and experiences across B2C and B2B domains.

Our Team

Adrian Locher
Janette Wiget
Rasmus Rothe, Ph.D.
Nicole Büttner
CEO Merantix Momentum
Sorin Petrov
Head of Founder Hiring & Talent
Dr. Shirley Blenkinsop
Senior People Advisor
Raphael Stücheli
Marketing Lead
Michael Tjioeputra
Operations Manager
Sif Björnsdóttir
Head of Community & Operations AI Campus
Letizia Turri
Business Development
Laurenz Lankes
Founders Associate
Hendrik Remigereau
Founding Director AI Campus
Arantxa Gomez
Event & Community Manager AI Campus
Eduard Hübner
Tech Editor
Frederik Bach
Business Development

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