The Merantix AI Investment Platform covers all aspects of Artificial Intelligence:

Investing [Merantix AI Fund]
Building [Merantix Venture Studio]
Researching [Merantix Momentum]
collaborating [Merantix AI Campus]
EDUCATING [Merantix AI School]
defining [German AI Association]

Combining these components and bringing them into concert puts us at a unique position to lead the Age of AI.

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Investing in the AI winners on a global scale

With the Merantix AI Fund, we have been financing AI venture building efforts and soon will deliver on our mandate to foster AI made in Europe. To get involved, either join us as a founder in our Venture Studio, or for investments reach out to us directly.


Assembling the leading AI ventures of tomorrow

At our Merantix Venture Studio, we empower ambitious entrepreneurs to build their category leading AI venture. Our process combines all of our platform in a process that goes from ideation to incubation and scaling.


Enabling AI for small to large corporations

The potential of AI for SMEs as well as large corporations is still underdeveloped. Our external solutions provider Merantix Momentum is a team of artificial intelligence specialists, who ideate and develop innovative AI solutions for these players.


Fostering the leading
European AI community

AI Campus are AI co-working and collaboration spaces. Partnering with industry heavyweights such as NVidia, AWS, and SAP, our initial AI Campus Berlin is now home to over 80 startups, corporates, investors and more. Weekly events, which are mostly open to the public, engage the community on all things AI. Now, we are expanding globally.

AI education

Empowering journey towards AI

We are partnering with leading academic institutions to offer immersive executive education on AI. By combining all elements of our Merantix platform, we offer effective, hands-on learnings and empower business leaders to turn AI theory into practice.


Unifying efforts towards AI

We are founding members of the KI Bundesverband (German AI Association). With over 400 AI companies on board, the KI Bundesverband is Germany's largest association for AI, connecting the right minds and pushing together for more acceptance and possibilities in corporations and politics.

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