The Merantix
AI Fund

Established in 2016, Merantix is a leading early-stage AI investor. We have built Europe's largest AI platform and are uniquely positioned to identify the next 100 groundbreaking ideas and turn them into category-defining companies.

Our commitment goes beyond just funding. We provide an unmatched foundation for revolutionary ideas, supporting exceptional founders to pursue audacious goals in building deep-tech and deep-science ventures.

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Unique journeys,
collective growth.

Our focus isn't confined to any specific phase of venture development or growth. Instead, we delve deeply into the technology itself and its potential impact. We believe in early traction through early customers and co-creation partners, as well as building world-class team, both enabled by our unique Merantix platform.

We partner with founders to incubate bold ideas

We team up with ambitious and proven talents who are driven by a deep passion for an industry, a cause, or a first idea, and empower their growth from Pre-Seed to Series A or further with our Venture Studio.

We invest in early-stage ventures

We invest in founders and their ventures who have achieved first traction, turbo-charging their growth with unmatched access to industry, clients, and talent.

Are you looking to invest in AI?

Artificial Intelligence is the next general purpose technology. If you are looking to invest in this space, reach out to us.

Let's start building.

No matter what part of the journey your AI venture is at, we know that we can accelerate you further. Let's talk.

Adrian Locher
GP & Co-Founder
Rasmus Rothe, Ph.D.
GP & Co-Founder

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