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A new leap forward

Fire, printing, steam, electricity, the internet―humanity has historically progressed forward through new general purpose technologies, unprecedentedly enriching societies and its people. Artificial intelligence has the potential to be more transformative than any other technological leap before. But while its potential is undisputed, we believe that the most impactful companies throughout various industries have not yet been built.

At Merantix, we are embedded in a global AI ecosystem through which we maintain strong ties to industry partners, AI researchers and leading European AI investors. We aspire to drive value and transform industries – in Europe and beyond. Mastering a complex technology as well as multilayered commercial and regulatory challenges, Merantix combines AI expertise and an ample network in order to build the category leaders of tomorrow.

Our approach

Step 1: Ideation

We partner up with entrepreneurs who will assume leadership of a venture. Having joined Merantix, they immerse themselves into an industry, interview and consult industry experts. At this stage, they benefit from the entire Merantix ecosystem and frequently confer with our ML engineers with regards to technical feasibility. Jointly, we then identify use cases that can have a significant impact on society and aim for an initial validation with industry partners.

Step 2: Incubation

After selecting the most promising business cases, our entrepreneurs start incubating them with funding, operational support as well as strategic guidance. We confirm the business case, including an aspired product-market-fit, and support assembling a world-class team. For a first MVP, we build relevant partnerships and secure access to sufficient data points, necessary to develop our AI solutions. Altogether, this increases the probability of success with which deep tech companies routinely struggle.

Step 3: Scale

Having developed, validated and executed a go-to-market strategy, we support our companies in raising capital through a strong Series A from top-tier VCs. Alongside funding, we encourage our companies to grow continuously in partnerships, customers and team members. Further partners in industry enable a more thoroughly trained AI application while growth into other use cases with specifically tailored solutions, adapted off our original product, facilitates a horizontal expansion.

The leading edge

Join an ambitious and highly skilled team with engineers and researchers from the world’s leading academic institutions.

Access a trusted network

We have spun relations with relevant partners from industry and academia. Become a part of a thriving AI ecosystem that has the resources and expertise to bring a new idea to life.

Experience our unique program

Apply our proven venture funnel methodology for building AI companies with sustainable growth potential.

Use our first-class infrastructure and test your prototypes

Get your hands on cutting-edge technology, high-quality datasets to develop a proof of concept and test your market.

Benefit from 360-degree support

We support you in your business processes (HR, finance, legal, etc.).

Get exclusive access to capital

From the beginning, you are funded at industry standards until you reach Series A. Achieve a strong Series A funding with our network of late-stage investors in deep tech.


Why should I build a company with a venture studio?

Because we attract both the smartest engineers and entrepreneurs, help you to build an amazing team, and select and validate the best ideas through the help of our internal launchpad and our network and advisors. This will significantly increase the probability of success of your company.

Do you hire outside of Berlin?

No, our team is located in Berlin only, but consists of people from over 20 different countries.

Can I join with my co-founders?

Usually, we hire individual entrepreneurs and assemble high performing teams based on our own venture methodology.

How much investment do I get?

For each incubation, we invest a seven-digit EUR sum in pre-seed and seed.

How much equity do I get?

After Merantix has invested, the team shall maintain the majority of the equity. 

Do you invest in existing companies?

No. Our focus lies in identifying the most promising ideas, matching the perfect teams and finding and executing a winning strategy.

How many companies do you incubate per year?

We envision to build two to five companies per year.

What is the timeline for building a company?

The ideation and incubation phase typically lasts between 12 and 24 months.

Do you establish and fund more than one company in the same industry?

No. Our approach thrives on mutual synergies and shared insights. As a result, we are convinced that our Merantix companies should not compete against each other.

Careers at Merantix

We encourage passion

We invite our team members to pursue their curiosity for a wide range of topics. Only with dedication and commitment can we create machine learning solutions that are capable of transforming entire industries.

We build on trust

We believe that we can only deliver outstanding results if we trust each other’s capabilities and drive. At Merantix, people take on ownership and responsibility for their projects and receive recognition for their hard work.

We are part of a community

We are a significant contributor to the open-source community because we believe that knowledge is most impactful when shared. To strengthen the nexus between research and business, our team members regularly attend academic and industry conferences.

We expect excellence

In everything we do, we strive for outstanding quality and visionary ideas. We push each other to get the best out of every one of us and invest in personal development.

We are looking for machine intelligence engineers, entrepreneurs, business minds, software & data engineers as well as industry experts to join our team.